How to Manage Costs When Demolishing Your Home

Demolishing your home is a big decision to make. Generally, it’s not a decision that you will have arrived at lightly. And it’s likely that you will be giving this a lot of thought to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

Deciding to demolish your home will depend on a whole heap of factors including the overall costs, what kind of house you have and what sort of access you have to your block.

There are many reasons why you might knock down and rebuild. For example, you might have a growing family and want to renovate. But owing to large costs for renovations it may work out to be cheaper to knock down and rebuild. And sometimes, demolition may be the only option available to you.

We know that demolition is a fine choice, provided you are doing it in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective way.

At Best Quote Demolition, we want to look at the cost of demolishing so that you are more aware of what happens during a home demolition, and know how to minimise the impact.

If it’s possible for you to sell your home for removal, then that is a cost-effective and very sustainable thing to do. But if not, then we believe in providing the very best demolition quotes from providers who work with a focus on sustainability wherever possible.

Houses Being Demolished in a Suburb

Sustainable demolition?

The focus on sustainable demolition practices has come about for a range of reasons. Landfill disposal is expensive; levies are rising, and reusing and recycling are becoming more and more important as we recognise the importance of caring for our planet. When you reuse or recycle material from a demolition, you are also conserving embodied energy.

The impact of embodied energy

What is embodied energy? The Australian Government defines it as the energy consumed by all processes involved in producing a building – from the mining and processing of natural resources through to the fabrication and manufacturing of the products. When we talk about embodied energy, we aren’t talking about the operation and disposal of the building material.

From the Construction and Demolition Waste Guide it’s been found that “buildings and their users make up almost a quarter of Australia’s greenhouse emissions.”

Previous intelligence suggested that the operational energy (the energy expended by the occupants in the building) was higher than embodied energy, but research by the CSIRO has found that the average house has about 1,000 GJ of energy embodied in the materials used for construction. This amount equals around 15 years of operational energy.

What this all means is that when you demolish a house and recycle or reuse materials, you are saving embodied energy in the materials that you recycle. Thus, you are reducing the environmental impact of the demolition.

Cost-effective demolitions

You can save money on your demolition by comparing quotes from Best Quote Demolition and letting us take care of it all. We can help you to save money on your demolition, leaving you free to enjoy the rebuild of your new property with extra funds to spare.

A strong demolition team will:

  • Help you to save money by using equipment and machinery that minimises any potential downtime and hiring costs
  • Help you to save money if you are demolishing a home with asbestos. While the price will be higher owing to the delicate nature of asbestos removal, we can help you to locate the best possible asbestos demolition team.
  • Work with the best possible team to ensure that your demolition is performed safely, securely and in a cost-effective way.

A demolition that works for you

We believe in providing your quotes from leading demolition experts in South East Queensland. We know that a well-planned out project is going to reduce the overall costs of your demolition by using the right kind of equipment, machinery and safety standards.

We will put you in touch with providers who, at every possible opportunity, will recycle and reuse materials in an effort to reduce the overall costs for you.

Best Quote Demolitions

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