At Best Quote Demolition, aside from our complete demolition service, we also offer a large salvage yard where you can buy a wide range of second hand building materials and home furnishings. We offer one of the best demolition yards Brisbane wide, giving you high-quality resources for home renovations and improvements. We source our salvaged materials from our demolition projects and select demolitions in the region, ensuring the quality and durability of our second hand building supplies.

Using high-quality second hand building materials not only helps the environment, but it also saves you more money on your furnishing and home renovations. Our salvage yard also contains vintage fittings and recycled treasures that you often won’t find from modern suppliers. This gives you the opportunity to find pieces that are truly unique and well worth adding to your property.

One of the Top Demolition Yards Brisbane Wide

Our salvage yard offers a wide range of salvaged materials and vintage furnishing that can make your property more special. All our salvaged materials have been carefully removed from demolished homes, residential properties, and commercials buildings to ensure their quality and condition.

  • Roofing – We stock a wide range of reclaimed roofing materials like roof sheeting, tiles, and guttering.
  • Windows – Our yard includes a variety of second-hand windows and window materials like timber frames, aluminium frames, and shutters. We also have materials for different styles of windows, giving you more options for furnishing your property.
  • Doors – We have a selection of salvaged and recycled doors for different parts of the house, including those for main entrances, interior rooms, and outdoor living spaces. We often have modern and vintage-style doors available, allowing you to pick the right one to match the style you’re going for.
  • Hardware Fittings – You’ll find an extensive range of recycled hardware fittings in our salvage yard, ranging from minor accessories like doorknobs and hinges to more unique fixtures like vintage bells, switches, and knockers. These hardware fittings can help you personalise your property and give it a stylistic touch that no other home or office has.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Fittings – Our Brisbane salvage yard contains a variety of kitchen and bathrooms fittings that you can use to furnish your home or office. Some of the fittings you might find in our salvage yard include kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, faucets, vanities, basins, mirrors, and various tapware.
  • Timber and Wooden Materials – Quality wood can be hard to come by, so we often stock up on high-quality timber that we’ve salvaged from past demolition projects. We only salvage high-quality pieces that are in great condition and suitable for reuse in new properties. This ensures you’ll get second hand building materials that are still strong and reliable.

Advantages of Buying Second Hand Building Supplies

Buying from salvage yards offers benefits that could make your home renovation or redesign even better.

  1. Save Money – Most, if not all, salvaged materials are cheaper than their new versions, so you can save a lot of money by getting second hand building materials from salvage yards. There are also some salvaged materials (ex. kitchen fixtures) that are significantly more affordable in salvage yards compared to buying them new in stores.
  1. Quality – We only collect pieces and materials that are in excellent condition and appropriate for reuse in new homes and properties. As demolition specialists, we can determine whether a piece is suitable for recycling and will set aside materials that can be reused and repurposed by new owners in the future. Our expertise in finding second hand building supplies ensures you’ll always get high-quality pieces from our salvage yard.
  1. Environment-Friendly – Reusing and repurposing salvage materials is one of the most environment-friendly ways for renovating or redesigning your property. Buying from salvage materials from your local salvage yard not only helps minimise the carbon footprint of your renovation, but it also helps extend the life of these second hand building materials.
  1. Hidden Treasures – Salvage yards are one of the best places to find vintage pieces and unique items that you may not find anywhere else. Our salvage yard, for example, regularly sources materials and fittings from vintage colonial home removals and demolitions. This allows us to collect materials, fittings, and pieces that are truly rare and one-of-a-kind.

Quality Second Hand Building Materials from Our Salvage Yard

Whether you’re renovating your property or looking for something to personalise your property, you’ll find plenty of high-quality materials in our salvage yard. We offer a wide range of second hand building supplies, vintage pieces, and modern fittings that can make your property more attractive and functional.

Explore our salvage yard in Murarrie today to find high-quality salvaged materials for your next project. If you’re looking for one of the best demolition yards Brisbane wide, you’ll find it here at Best Quote Demolition.