Can I Demolish My House?

The Front Entrance of a Queenslander Home and Garden

When calling us for a house demolition quote, the first question that may come to mind is “Can I demolish my house?”. This is especially true if your house is of older build and you are unsure of the age of your house. It is also a key question to ask when your house has character features, for example a Queenslander home with a veranda.

The great news is that our experienced team know the ins and outs of the industry and will help determine if your house is eligible to be demolished in accordance with both state and council heritage listing laws.

Should I demolish my house?

question mark crack in floor
The next question we may ask is, “Do you really need to demolish your house?”. As much as we love to see a house get demolished (Who doesn’t!), we also have services that link you, the house owner to buyers looking to purchase a house directly from site. If your house is fit for relocation, our team can help you save money (and even make some money) by organising the sale and removal of your house to the new prospective owners lot.

How much does it cost to demolish my house?

Another question that will be high on the agenda will be to find out how much it costs to demolish your house. Fortunately this is a simple question to answer as at Best Quote Demolition, our services provide you with a quote at no extra cost to you.

To save you the hassle of calling each and every demolition company and explaining your situation over and over again, we take the time to discuss with you your requirements and relay them to our network of trusted and qualified demolition contractors. Our process ensures that you end up with not only the best quote the first time but also a trustworthy team of demolition experts as well.

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