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Don’t risk incomplete jobs, property damage or pay disputes by going with an unknown demolition contractor. Put your mind at ease by working with one of the most trusted demolitions companies Brisbane wide. With Best Quote Demolition, you’ll always get reputable Brisbane demolition contractors working on your project.

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Your All-in-One Demolition Service

Organising a house demolitions Brisbane wide can be a confusing and often intimidating process, which when done wrong, can prove very costly. We’ll take the stress out of organising the demolition of your property and help you secure the best house demolition quote by doing all the hard work for you.

Along with providing you with quotes from some of the best Brisbane demolition contractors in the business, we will also coordinate your project schedule and provide a water-tight demolition contract to ensure your demolition progresses smoothly. Best of all, we provide all these extra services for free.

We also assist with the following:

  • Appropriate permissions
  • Service disconnections
  • Asbestos removal
  • Material salvage
  • Building demolition

But we don’t stop there. As one of the best demolition companies Brisbane wide, we also provide you with the best possible price for your house demolition quote and follow through with the job from start to finish to ensure a hassle-free experience for you.

With Best Quote Demolition, you’ll save time, money and a great deal of hassle.

Preparing for Your House Demolition

Property owners should pay careful attention to the lead times required to turn off and disconnect the building services. If there is an intended construction date or expected demolition date, the property will need to be empty at least 1 month prior to ensure enough time for the demolition process. Best Quote Demolition can help you prepare your property for demolition by guiding you throughout the preparation process and initiating the handover processes for your property.

House Demolition that Brisbane Trusts

Our network of contractors has some of the best demolition specialists in Brisbane today, so you can be sure that we can help you find the right contractor for your needs and budget. Our friendly staff will take the time to understand your project requirements and hand-pick the best crew for the job. No matter the size or nature of your demolition project, we’ll help you find the right people to get the job done. Our wide network, experience and expertise are what makes Best Quote Demolition one of the most trusted and respected demolition companies Brisbane wide.

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After your initial contact, our team gets to work getting in touch with our comprehensive network of demolition contractors to find the right match for your job. We will arrange the most suitable demolition Brisbane contractors for your project and negotiate a deal on your behalf.

  1. We’ll contact you within 24 hours to organise quoting and the project schedule, and then we’ll take care of the rest!

We will provide you with a water-tight demolition contract that ensures a smooth-running house demolition Brisbane wide at the best possible price.

House Demolition Brisbane FAQs

Not sure what’s involved in completing a successful house demolition in Brisbane? We have all your questions answered right here to put your mind at ease. If there are any questions left unanswered, don’t hesitate to call us!

Q. Do I need a demolition permit/building approval to demolish my house?

Yes, a demolition permit or building approval is required before engaging your demolition contractor or conducting a demolition. This is to ensure that the house demolition is in accordance with your local council’s city plan. Houses and suburbs can be protected from demolition due to their heritage, location or cultural significance. We can arrange a permit for this on your behalf. For such cases, additional time will have to be allowed for this process.

Q. What about the services to my house, do they need to be disconnected?

All of our demolition contractors have developed strong relationships with the appropriate service providers and tradespeople to carry out the works required to prepare your property for demolition.

Their knowledge of the process can result in a more streamlined and cost-effective preparation. Property owners still living in the home should take note of the number of days required for each service to be disconnected or capped. Keep in mind that your property will need to be empty before tradespeople can be engaged.


Power needs to be disconnected, and the wire rolled up to the nearest power pole. This is carried out by Energex and can take a maximum of 20 days after the initial request to be completed.


Water needs to be disconnected from your house and a temporary tap placed at the front of the property for use by a demolition contractor and builder.


The sewer service needs to be located, soil excavated and temporarily capped. This is to be carried out by a licensed plumbing contractor, and it will take up to 7 days from the initial call to complete.


Gas line needs to be temporarily capped after the meter. Your service provider needs to be consulted to carry out these works and can take up to 2 weeks to complete.

Q. What is involved in the house demolition process?

There are 4 steps required to complete house demolitions in Brisbane. There may be a number of days between each step which will be determined by the work schedule of the demolition contractor and the progress on previous jobs. The steps for demolition include the following:

  1. Service Capping and Disconnection

Service trades will visit the site individually to carry out their particular service cap or disconnection. Each will only visit the site for a couple of hours. The most time is often taken up by the excavation to uncover the sewer service.

  1. Asbestos Removal

The asbestos team will visit your site. No other trades should be present while asbestos removal takes place. The timeframe for this work will depend on the amount of asbestos present in your home and surrounding buildings. For a typical residential property, this work is carried out in 1 to 3 working days.

  1. Salvage Removal

The salvage team will remove any salvageable items in your house for resale. For houses near neighbouring buildings, a labour team will completely demolish the house by hand. Work for salvageable items will take between 1 to 3 days, while hand demolition generally takes 3 to 5 business days.

  1. Property Clearing

An excavator will be transported to the site to demolish the building and remove the concrete footings. The excavator will also assist in removing any trees, surrounding buildings and pools if required. All demolished materials will be loaded into skip bins and removed from the site. Once this is completed, the property will be ready for construction/sub-division etc.

Q. How much does it cost to demolish a house?

Demolition contractors will look at several factors to provide a quote for house demolitions Brisbane wide. These factors include:

  1. Location of your house. The suburb location can affect the price because of its proximity to the city or demolition depot. It can also depend on where your demolition contractors’ previous job is and how far they will need to float their machine and equipment. With Best Quote Demolition, you can save money by because we will help secure the demolition contractors nearest to your area.
  1. Street position. The type of street or road and the position of your house within that road can affect a demolition quote due to truck access, available parking and traffic management. Narrow streets make it difficult to unload machinery and loading materials, while main roads or high levels of traffic will require traffic control for safety purposes.
  1. Access. The demolition contractor will take into account how the machine can access and move about the site. Narrow blocks, easement blocks and hillside blocks will require further planning, which will often result in higher quotes.
  1. Property size. The building’s position within the property will determine the technique used to disassemble or demolish the building. Houses that are close to the property boundary and neighbouring buildings will need to be demolished by hand. Hand demolition is a much slower process that also requires more labour. Tight properties also present a higher risk of damage and disturbance to neighbours, which will be reflected in your house demolition quote.
  1. Building size and type. The size of the building and type of construction will determine the machine hours required to demolish the building and amount of waste to be dumped.
  1. Asbestos component. Asbestos within a typical residential building can include asbestos internal linings and finishes (maybe tiles or vinyl), external claddings and asbestos roofing. Asbestos removal is time-consuming and costly to transport and dispose of. The amount of asbestos present in your house (if any) will directly affect the quote of your house demolition.
  1. Salvageable items. More competitive quotes will be given to houses and buildings with sought-after salvageable materials. This will be included in your pricing and be better for your pocket and the environment.

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