The demolition industry can be as dishonest and unreliable as many people assume. The industry has been de-regulated in Queensland which means minimal licensing and experience is required to operate and insurance can prove difficult to find and expensive to maintain.

BEST QUOTE has operated in this space owning and operating a demolition yard in Eastern Brisbane for the past five years. Over this time we have worked in with a majority of demolition contractors as well as builders and developers to salvage materials for re-sale.

We understand that organising a demolition can be a confusing and often intimidating process, which when done wrong, can prove very costly. Simply put, our business takes the uncertainty and stress out of this process.

  • Environmentally Friendly
    Rather than simply dumping material and adding to increase landfill issues, We endeavour to recycle & re-use as much material through our aligned Salvage yards.
  • Certified Asbestos Removal & Disposal
  • Fully Certified Demolition & Rubbish Removal
  • Best Quality Demolition Companies – Backed by Best Quotes A1 Rating System
  • As Brisbane’s largest Demolition Customer – we can negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf

Backed with qualifications in contract administration, construction and business management, our team has an in-depth understanding of the demolition industry and the process involved in ensuring a smooth and affordable result.

We work with a comprehensive network of quality house demolition Brisbane contractors that span throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast QLD and beyond and pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service unsurpassed by any other company in the industry.

The end result is a stress-free demolition at the best possible price.

Why would you go anywhere else?